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 Jeet Kune Do & Uechi Ryu

Kids Karate
Adult Karate Thai Kickboxing
Jeet Kune Do
Our Kids Karate program will increase your child's self confidence, attention span, focus, and humility while getting in shape, learning life skills, learning great self defense and making new friends. Our Adult Karate is a blend of Tiger, Dragon & Crane styles of Kung Fu. This style of martial arts doesn’t depend on brute force or physical strength for a person to effectively defend themselves. With our circular blocks anyone can successfully redirect an attack.

We encourage our student's physical, mental & spiritual  development through a structured martial arts program that originated in China & today is based in Okinawa.
Thai Kickboxing will challenge
your entire body while teaching
you practical punching, kicking
and blocking technique.  It’s safe, fun to learn &
guaranteed to make you look and feel better than ever.
Jeet Kune Do or "Way of Intercepting Fist", emphasizes effective self defense techniques using minimal movements with maximum effect and extreme speed. The system is designed with techniques flowing smoothly one to the other. Bruce Lee described Jeet Kune Do as a "style without style" and "the art of fighting without fighting."