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Tiger, Dragon & Crane styles of Kung Fu.

Wax On, Wax Off.  Paint The Fence, Paint The House.

Famous lines from the original Karate Kid Movie & the heart of our style of Karate rooted in China.

The result is a very effective style of martial arts based in Okinawa, home and birthplace of karate.

We Have A Martial Arts Program For You!

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Lil Dragons                                        Adult Karate

Kids Karate                                      Thai Kickboxing

Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do


 Traditional Martial Arts In Grand Rapids for:

Adult Karate

Kids Karate

Little Dragons Preschool Program For 3 & 4 Year Olds

Thai Kickboxing

Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Ko

We encourage our student's physical, mental & spiritual  development through a structured martial arts program that originated in China and today is based in Okinawa.

Thai Kickboxing will will challenge your entire body while teaching you practical punching, kicking and blocking technique.  Itís safe, fun to learn and guaranteed to make you look and feel better than ever.   

Increase your child's or your self confidence, attention span, focus, and humility while getting in shape, learning great self defense techniques and making new friends.

 If you are tired of sitting on the sidelines, it is time for you to hit the mats, break through your limitations and reach your truest potential!

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